May 23, 2011

The Three Little Pigs and Critical Thinking

I am working on introducing Critical Race Theory (CRT) to my children. Most college students are exposed to it in a semester or two of college. I have lots more time than that and so I have been thinking of ways to do it subtly and normally into their lives. I started introducing critical thought and counter-stories with the story of the three little pigs. We read the story of The Three Little Pigs (Disney's Version).  Then we read the counter-story from the wolf's point of view, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. There are several books like this so I'm sure you can choose different versions of different stories to teach children to acknowledge different stories. I think this helped the kids think about points of view in conflict resolution. So they were like yea sometimes when I get in trouble I say my side of the story then my sister says her side, etc. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is a really cute and funny book that I remember reading in elementary school. It's definitely one of those books you never quite forget. 


  1. What age do you think the child should be to read the alternative story? Thanks for the review & recommendation. Best regards from Barcelona,

  2. I was never lucky enough to be exposed to CRT in college. Wishing I had. Love what you're doing with these books. How does somebody go about finding stories from different perspectives like this? Is there a resource?

  3. Hi Marta,

    My son is 3 my daughter is 6. I will try uploading the sound recording of our conversation but I think they did great. So in my opinion as long as they have good comprehension when you read them story books then reading counter story books works. I also think parents should be prepared to answer questions critically. The fact I read both versions one after an other helped. Hope that helps.

    Mi hijo tiene 3 mi hija 6. Tratare de subir la grabacion de la lectura y conversacion que tuvimos. Pienso que nos fue bien. En mi opinion con tal que cuanda lean historia puedan comprender la lectura entonces leer la historia de otro punto de vista esta bien. Pienso que los padres deben de estar preparados para contestar preguntas dificiles. Porque les lei las dos versiones una despues de la otra pienso que ayudo mucho. Ojala esto te ayude.

    Ezzy I have no idea I usually just look myself and post my finding on here :-) I have a friend who finished a degree and is doing graduate work in Social Justice children's literature she gave me some resources too. It's not an area that most children's literature people want to cover but I think it's important so I'm making my own collection. I post what I can on here but any new resources would be greatly appreciated!


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